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Naijaweddings.com is the ultimate online resource for Nigerians at home and abroad who are "About-to-Wed" or "Just Married". The site provides information and services that help your wedding preparation and set the tone for the enjoyment of your future together.

 Naijaweddings.com allows family and friends to share fully in your wedding experience and all the celebrations irrespective of their locations. They get to see your wedding details, view pictures, audio and video clips of memorable moments. You definitely make a lasting impression with naijaweddings.com and your memories linger... 

Who is it for? Are your friends and family located all over Nigeria and beyond? Do you have loved ones in Europe, North America, South America or Asia? Have you found the woman or man you want to share the rest of your life with and are you itching to share the details, the plans with your family and friends? Do you want to share the joy of your celebration with those that were unavoidably absent and refresh the memories of those that were present? Do you like to do your things in a unique and stylish manner? Do you need help with your wedding plans and preparations - Need an "Alaga", cake, gown, reception venue e.t.c.? Want to hook up with others that are at a similar stage in their lives - about to wed or just married? You are in the right place, where the Nigerian perspective is shared globally.


Have a single resource centre for all your wedding information and details accessible 24hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Share your wedding and engagement pictures, your stories, audio and video clips of selected special moments with family and friends all over the world.

Create a lasting impression with your wedding celebrations

Get help and access to resources that you require for a successful wedding - vendors, printers, planners, decorators, caterers, cakes, gowns, suits e.t.c.

Get support and tips from experts and advisors in areas ranging from etiquette to dressing and relationships.

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"Marriage is two hearts, one beat - creating a harmony of different tunes" 

Don't we all just love a wedding- a good end to a love story, one that ends with the two living happily ever after. Since creation and the first wedding, weddings and wedding days have not ceased to capture the imagination and passion of men across cultures and religions. For most, a wedding day is the culmination of long held dreams from childhood. The women especially appear to have replayed this special day over and over in their minds before it arrives, no wonder they seem to know just what they want and just what to do much better than the men.

In Nigeria, weddings have remained largely traditional but now the power of the Internet is about to be unleashed to make weddings even more magical and memorable.
By coming to the specially designed and personalised naijaweddings.com site, friends and family can even hear audio clips of the couple saying “I do” or more, see video clips of selected magical moments like the exchange of rings, the bridal dance and the kissing of the bride for the first time (hopefully!!!).
Enjoy the experience with us.

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